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Pleasure is often spoiled by describing it.

''You're smarter than I look.''


Raleigh, 5/18

''I wish I could fuck you and lick you at the same time.''


Richmond, 12/17

''You're amazing! You would be perfect if you owned a liquor store.''


Raleigh, 10/16

''Your muscle control is incredible! It feels wonderful.''


Boston, 09/16

''If I wrote a review, it would be two words: kick ass!''


Richmond, 08/16

''The best thing to look at is you laying there, giggling.''


Charlotte, 02/16

''Natural breasts, unshaved. You're a unicorn!''


Richmond, 11/15

''You're so much fun to fuck! Is that going on your website?''


Chicago, 10/15

''Your ass has amazing magical properties.''


Chicago, 10/15

''You're worth all the hype.''


Charlotte, 10/15

''You're a trip!''


Raleigh 10/15

''This is the kind of experience I'm seeking in the hobby.''


Manhattan, 9/15

''You're real!''

Richmond, 9/15

''I could stand across the room and come just by looking at you.''


Pittsburgh, 5/15

''I can tell you're really getting into it when you start fucking me back.''


Richmond, 3/15

''Your website is totally true. Everything you say.''


Richmond, 2/15

''You are so kind and friendly. You made me feel very comfortable.''


Richmond, 11/14

''I don't want to get off of you.''


Richmond, 09/14

''You're one of those yummy kind of girls.''


Toronto, 05/14

''I don't think I can come any more.''


Vancouver, 03/14

Endorsement #1

By a most wonderful man who encouraged me to create this page. Toronto, 05/14

I don’t kiss and tell!

Having said that, after spending a few hours with Amaia, I wanted to tell others who may be on the fence, or thinking about arranging a meeting, about the absolutely wonderful experience I had with her.

Amaia is far more than just a beautiful and classy young woman. To be honest, her web site photo montage simply doesn’t do her justice. When she first opened the door, I was stunned at what a graceful and natural beauty she radiated. She quickly put me at ease with a genuinely warm and welcoming smile, that immediately made me feel less self conscious and more relaxed. This young lady is definitely personality plus.

I won’t get into the highly intimate details of our tryst, except to comment that Amaia was completely giving of herself to please me. She is a very skilled, uninhibited and highly erotic sexual partner, who responds well to taking directions, while also letting you know clearly what she enjoys.

Amaia obviously takes great personal care of herself. She has a gorgeous and incredibly toned body, with unblemished soft and silky smooth skin. Every inch of her felt, smelled and tasted great! I know, because I did a thorough inspection.

Throughout our entire session, she always made me feel that I was the center of her world and not just a client. This might sound odd and please don’t read too much into it, but in her own very unique way, Amaia made it feel like she was making love to someone she sincerely enjoyed being with, not just having sex on the clock. Up to that point in time, I had never experienced such warmth and intimacy with any other provider, as I had with her during those few hours. Obviously, she has mastered an art, which few other providers are able to deliver.

Besides the fair exchange of values consideration, these types of relationships are all about security, trust and comfort. I never felt uncomfortable at any time with Amaia and in fact, besides the physical intimacy, I truly liked her and sincerely enjoyed her company on an intellectual level. She’s a great communicator, well read and highly intelligent, which for me, made the time I spent with her even more enjoyable.

As much as I’d like to keep this hidden gem to myself, I’d highly recommend you book a few hours with her. I’d be shocked if you didn’t come away with an incredible glow and a satisfied feeling that lasts for days. Repeat? Are you kidding? I’ve already booked her for several hours on her next tour visit to our city. I can’t wait…..

Go for it… you won’t regret it!

Endorsement #2

This gentleman was a little apprehensive about meeting me, but all was well as soon as I opened the door and smiled. Richmond 09/14

Amaia is a beautiful sweetheart. I was blown away when she opened the door. Her pictures are accurate, but they do not do justice to the real woman.

She is very intelligent, very caring, and drop dead gorgeous. She has the most beautiful natural breasts and a fantastic body. Her skin is gorgeous and incredibly silky smooth. I love her chestnut hair.

Everything about my visit with her was exactly the way as described on her website.

I am so glad that I took a chance on meeting her, and can’t wait to see her again. I will definitely see her again. You WILL want to see her

She has become my ATF.

Endorsement #3

A man who knew what he did and didn’t want, with a great sense of humor, and creativity on top of it all! I burst out laughing as he complimented my butt, and I told him I needed to write down his exact phrasing. He offered to write the endorsement below instead. Richmond 03/15


She definitely put the ‘ahhh’ in my day! I haven’t used a service in a very long time and did not have references to provide. However, honesty and willingness to follow Amaia’s directions gave us a chance to meet. I arrived early and she walked around the corner a few minutes early herself and wearing exactly the clothes she described. She was STUNNING! She ordered lunch at a bistro we both thought was a pastry shop due to the name. I knew I was going to have a wonderful time as we talked and when ordering her lunch, she specifically avoided items with ingredients not conducive to kissing!

After lunch we walked a short distance to her suite and sat on the couch here she removed her shoes and put her feet up. Brushing my arm as we chatted, I started rubbing her foot…a sexy foot. We began exploring with our hands and mouths and it was the best!…or so I thought. We moved to another room (not the kitchen!) and continued playing with each other, articles of clothing coming off in an unhurried and erotic manner.

Her body is incredibly toned without being muscular…see for yourself on her website…she is exactly as she appears in the pictures except for one thing…she smells like a meadow on a cool spring day…all over! The tan lines are sexy! I used a word with her she didn’t know…puffies…and they respond to you as she enjoys your touch and caress. I also greatly enjoyed her other curves. Her derriere is in one word, exquisite! However, I will use other words– touchable, huggable, kissable, and absolutely lickable! And the very best thing about Amaia is that if she needs you to move to the left or lick here or there or if its too hard or too soft she will help you find the right way and the right spot! Our time together was unrushed and unbelievable at the same time.

I haven’t covered the entire visit…and I’m not going to, either. Most of that time is for me to cherish with the hope that she had as much fun as I did…and our mutual anticipation of REALLY letting go next time. After all, this was our first time together and we talked about this fantasy and that for next time.

I hit the lottery with Amaia and you will too!

Endorsement #4

This gent was a fun surprise from a random discussion board posting. He had wanted massages but I informed him of my lack of interest in those. Turns out, we had a mutual interest in other fun that never lagged. Richmond 5/15

Amaia welcomed me into her upscale incall hotel with an understated yet passionate kiss. My senses were instantly aroused by the soft music emanating from the bedroom, the subtle fragrance in the air, and Amaia’s refined beauty. We sat on the couch for awhile to get to know each other; the more I learned about Amaia the more I liked her; I felt like we could have sat together all day just holding hands and sharing stories. A pause in the conversation was punctuated by the first of many kisses as we started to get to know each other on a different level.

Our time together is etched in my memory; and Amaia pleased me on every level – physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Exquisite beauty paired with confidence, intelligence, and raw sensuality…it is no wonder that our time together was a blur of passionate lovemaking, pillow talk, and simple appreciation of each others’ presence. The simple, comforting feeling of her fingertips absent-mindedly wandering over my body, the warmth of her breath as she lay on my chest, the unparalleled turn-on of gazing at each other as we passionately kissed – all of these experiences are vignettes that I will replay in my head until our next date.

If you are a refined, respectful gentleman then run – don’t walk – to see Amaia the next time she is in town. Treat her well, take the time to get to know her, and you will be rewarded with an experience you won’t soon forget. I am already counting down the days until I get to see her again.

Endorsement #5

From a very nice man who wishes I’d come back a lot more often. Men like him make me wish that distance isn’t so…distant. Memphis 05/15

I had the great pleasure of meeting Amaia in May of this year. When I saw she was coming to my area, I was impressed with how pretty she looked in her photos so I contacted her and set up a time to meet. When she opened the door to greet me, I was floored with how beautiful she is in person. I was already nervous, and standing face to face with a lady who could very easily be a model probably made me more so 🙂 She has beautiful eyes, silky soft tan skin, she smelled great, and every inch of her was perfect. She was very easy to talk to & quickly put me at ease. We talked about the city, good places to visit, eat, and local attractions. I’m not going to go into details, but we spent the next little while creating a memory I will never soon forget. If I ever get the chance to see her again, I’ll do it without hesitation. Until then, I’ll smile every time I think about our time together.

Endorsement #6

Yours, perhaps?