have ranged from

intensely emotional pillow talk and hardcore snuggling to sweat-drenched, multi-orgasmic, fall-in-love fuckathons. Everyone is different and I respond naturally to you and the moment we share.

Desire is both a recipricoal energy and a circular one. It feeds on itself, until it reaches a peak frenzy and then slowly cools. This is the natural progression I’m most comfortable with, which is why I prefer to begin over cocktails or dinner. Let nature take its course with both of us.

Chemistry as defined by Amaia

All of my trysts are about discovering chemistry. Chemistry has very little to do with appearance, age, race, or size but has almost everything to do with your attitude and how well we fuck together. The better our chemistry, the more likely I am to happily fulfill your every desire. (Secret tip: Making me come a lot deludes me into believing we have chemistry.)

Raleigh Options

2 hours with a beverage
outcall 1000
incall 1200

Staying in, no public time
outcall 1500
incall 1700

4 hours with a meal
outcall 1600
incall 1800

Staying in, no public time
outcall 2100
incall 2300

I’m available pretty much anywhere in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area beginning no earlier than 1pm and no later than 8pm. My preference is to begin with meeting for cocktails/mocktails/tea.

While I don’t yet offer a comprehensive list of Raleigh area restaurants because it mostly depends on where you’re staying, you can be assured that my favorite dinners are had at Herons. Otherwise, let me know where you’re staying and your food preferences, and I can offer some choices that suit both of us.

Tour Options

2 hours with a beverage
incall 1000

Staying in, no public time
incall 1500

Outcall generally is not offered when I tour.

4 hours with a meal
incall 1600

Staying in, no public time
incall 2100

Outcall generally is not offered when I tour.

When I’m visiting your city, my options change slightly. Incall is preferred and I’ll always offer a pleasant incall.  My day can begin as early as 9am, but no later than 8pm. My preference is to begin with meeting for cocktails/mocktails/tea.

I can usually offer suggestions for dining, but you’re welcome to add to the choices, especially if I haven’t visited often. 

Coffee or Tea, and Me

Meet me for a quick chat, lasting up to 30 minutes, over coffee, tea, or cocktails. Screening is still required, plus full payment in advance: $300.

Perfect if you’re crunched for time, simply want to test our connection without a huge commitment, or any other reason you might have. I’ll pick the venue that’s best for me. 

This is option is available as part of my normal schedule, whether touring or in Raleigh.

The Exceptions


Extended Time

At the moment, I do not offer trysts longer than four hours. Even if we’ve met before for longer trysts, four hours is my current limit. Short, sweet, and simple.

If We've Met Before...

then your options may remain the same (minus the longer options). Please ask instead of assuming.

You’re welcome to keep up with me via my Tinyletter, a private substitute for a public personal blog. Please ask me for the signup link.

Active-Duty Military

Verified, active-duty military are always welcome. You can be as young as 25. My options for you begin with a reasonable one hour minimum and my options haven’t changed for three years. (Please note: I do not provide an incall in Raleigh.)

The servicemen I’ve met have nearly always been wonderful in every way, and since enjoying myself is high on my list of priorities, you’ve earned these exceptions due to your collective good behavior and my personal pleasure.

If you’re uncertain of what active-duty means, the definition is here.


To answer a very common question, I enjoy drinking still water (Acqua Panna preferred). My other favorite beverages are exhaustively detailed here.

I have no objections to your double-scotch on the rocks as long as you keep your senses. If I feel threatened in any way, I will ask you to leave. I have no tolerance for dangerous, drunken behavior. (Silly, tipsy behavior is another thing entirely and one I can be guilty of.)

Private Travel on Request

I can travel to you upon request, by car or plane (or possibly train). Details below. Questions? Just ask.

 The travel surcharge must be paid in advance of my trip, in addition to my regular deposit.

Travel by Car

My road-tripping has a maximum limit of two hours from Raleigh  (four hours total roundtrip). My driving will always be limited to these shorter trips. Please note that driving trips are limited to North Carolina and not offered when I tour.

2 hour roundtrip +200
minimum: 2 hours

3 hour roundtrip +300
minimum: 2 hours

4 hour roundtrip +400
minimum: 4 hours

Travel by Plane
Plane travel is bespoke: I make all my arrangements to arrive when and where you request. There is no time minimum for plane travel. The travel surcharge covers all my expenses and a luxury hotel room for us to enjoy.

For the sake of simplicity: if my US travel is Chicago and east, the travel surcharge is 1000. Any destination west of Chicago it’s 1500.

Theoretically, I could easily travel to London, Paris, Toronto or the Caribbean from Raleigh, though the travel surcharge would be quite a bit higher. I admit I’d love the glamour of traveling to London for dinner (or lunch and shopping?).

Payments, Deposits, and Cancellations

Please read below. It’s a quick read and I appreciate your understanding of how I prefer to conduct the practical side of our tryst.


To separate the serious from the non, a $200 deposit is required of everyone. (It should be obvious I prefer those who really do want me.) This also eliminates scheduling conflicts on my end. Making me feel relaxed and secure before we meet is a good place to start.

Any balance should be paid in full upon arrival. (This avoids awkward moments later.) Cash, of course, is easiest, and I accept credit cards in person (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). Cryptocurrency is accepted but payment must be received and confirmed at least 24hrs in advance of our meeting.


I accept deposits a few different ways. For the sake of discretion, I won’t state here exactly how deposits are made, but I have tried to find the most discreet options for you. After screening, I’ll provide you with the how-to.

I will not consider our time reserved until I receive your deposit. For obvious reasons, this means last-minute requests aren’t going to work.


All deposits are non-refundable. Unless I cancel, in which case you’ll be refunded 100% of your deposit immediately.

If you cancel with more than 72hrs notice, I’ll hold your deposit for six months in the hopes that we can reschedule. If you cancel with less than 72hrs notice, another deposit will be required when you schedule with me again. If you simple need to rearrange your schedule and change the time of our tryst during the day (or within a day or two of our original schedule), then it’s all good. Of course, the more advance notice, the easier it will be to accommodate your preferred time.

Touring and Calendar, Newsletter


Listed Dates

Stamford 16-18
DC 23-25

Atlanta 7-9
Richmond 14-16
Pittsburgh 21-23

Raleigh or private travel

Otherwise available in


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Available in Raleigh


Completely Unavailable

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A few thoughts on your cum. It tastes much better if you’re a non-smoker and eat lightly of red meat, garlic, and smelly vegetables (like asparagus and onions). Stay well-hydrated. Drinking pineapple juice can make your cum much tastier. There is nothing more erotic to me than a man’s pleasure.

Making the most of our tryst is easy to do. Restrain from ejaculation (sex or masturbation) for 24-48hrs prior to; even better, 72hrs. You’ll get stronger orgasms, more of them, and more cum. More fun for all!

In a completely different way, edging is also fun.

Come is a verb and something I want both of us to do as much as possible.


Cum is a noun and only provided by you!