What I Like

I certainly don’t expect gifts, at all, for any reason. The appropriate fee is all the material goods I require from you. The things truly needed for mutual pleasure cannot be bought in a store.

However, I know some of you enjoy offering something special. You can easily find something for me, and I even offer something for you! Keep reading.


Just for fun!  If you love my Instagram, how about a book of my photos? No kidding! Chatbooks gives me the ability to do this.

If you schedule with me 2.5-3 weeks in advance and let me know whether you want softcover or hardcover, I’ll get a printed book of 20-30 images/captions into your hands when we meet, as my gift to you. (The regular shipping takes 2 full weeks. Expedited shipping is 5 days and +$25, if you wish.) I can select the photos you like best, or let me decide which ones to include. The book is small and the quality is excellent for what it is.

Due to the way the app is configured, only I can create these books (or a hacker, but that’s not an invitation to hack me). Each time we see each other, you can add another book to your collection…if you wish!


I recently found the perfect combination of personal interests and charity. A Richmond-based, vegan food company that supports the incredible Tarahumara native tribes of Mexico. You can buy their Chia bars in Whole Foods. I thank you, and so do the farmers and their families.

If you prefer to donate to an organization that helps families both globally and in the US, ShelterBox USA offers very practical disaster relief, which is clearly needed this hurricane season. Or, help children domestically and internationally, through this reputable NGO, at SaveTheChildren.


It’s difficult to maintain the perfect wishlist, so for the most part, gift certificates will suffice.

There are gifts I’d love to get, but certainly aren’t click-and-order type of gifts.

For instance, when I’m at home, my Pilates classes are all private and run about $1400/month. I’m addicted to Pilates both mentally and physically, so this is a gift that means a lot to me, albeit it’s something I do regardless of it being gifted to me.

Or more photoshoots, yet another thing that’s hard to arrange. Only one photographer listed offers gift certificates. Two of them I haven’t shot with yet, but would like to.

I See Sexy
Megan Love
Black Lotus
Point of Vue

Physical Gifts
The list and slideshow below require that you deliver the gifts yourself or request my mailing address for delivery.

My favorite matcha, I go through 1 can per month. Easily.
The Spa at The Umstead
Self-care at its best.
Please choose the physical gift card.
American Airlines
Please choose the physical gift card.

Amouage Gold Perfume

I rarely wear perfume. But if I had a signature scent, it would be Amouage Gold.

Amouage Gold Shower Gel

Wearing a scent just doesn’t work well if you can’t layer it! Start with shower gel.

Amouage Gold Body Cream

Then slide on rich body cream, topping it all with dabs of perfume at the pulse points (all of which are erogenous zones, by the way).

The World

Pretty much anywhere interesting and beautiful where I haven’t been before. I’ve been many places but not everywhere. 🙂 For instance, this picture is of the Patagonia mountains.